Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hand-held application and smart board business ideas

I had a couple of new technology ideas recently.  In the last couple of weeks at work, all of our meeting rooms have been getting outfitted with Smart Boards - and quite a number of them with video conferencing features.  While we were trying to get set up for a meeting we were impressed to see the camera for the video conference realign itself after our PM had pointed it a different direction.  While he was continuing to get the display organized, I had the urge to help him from my seat using my fingers to zoom the image like it was an iPad or an iPhone.  Then I thought 'why couldn't I do that, given the Kinect technology now with the xbox?'  A touch-less touch screen?  Maybe in the future.....

It wouldn't surprise me if there is an app already for the other idea I had.  I was quickly going over a hard copy of a chart of geological formations looking for a particular name.  I thought 'wouldn't it be great if I could just hit ctrl-F and find the word I'm looking for?'  and then I realized that something like that would be a great app for an iPhone or similar hand held.  Take a picture of the document, and write some logic to parse the text in the image and then search for the search term entered.  The idea is similar to the 'Word Lens' app here, except that rather than translating text, your searching it.