Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A couple more business ideas...

I think one could (somehow) put together a company that offers to host data for clients for free, in return for being able to datamine their data.  Obviously there would be privacy rules to consider and content with.  However, my intuition is telling me there are still opportunities in this area that are yet untapped.

My other idea would be to build light fixtures that incorporate a similar 'fan' model to the Dyson fan - in other words, no blades as part of the light fixture.  Rather, there would be a main hub that houses and hides the working fan.  The fan would blow the air at high pressure through slots in the light fixture.  The slots could be anywhere on the light fixture.  The fixture itself could potentially even move....

Based on the cost of these 'blade' fans, I'm sure a bundle could be made on similar light fixtures.

Adding another idea to this (Aug. 4).  I'm very surprised I don't see more rechargeable (hair) blow driers out there.  Along with that, hair clippers.  When I'm getting my hair cut, the stylist is always messing around because the cord isn't long enough, or the cord has knocked something over or gotten twisted or caught on something...   Isn't that what building contractors wanted cordless drills for?  They've been around for years. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Value of IT Certifications and Skills

After I've told my students at school how I finally managed to get a full time job in IT, they've asked me what I thought was the most important thing I did to get that job.  I've always answered 'getting my SCJP certification' (Sun Certified Java Programmer). It's been over 10 years since I started working at the job.  While I still maintain certifications are important for developers who are trying to break into the industry, I've become less enthusiastic about them and what they mean now that I have more experience. 

Having said that, I ran into a couple of articles today that I thought were very interesting:
15 IT Certifications That Can Get You a $100,000 Salary
30 Tech Skills That Can Get You a $100,000 Salary

Granted, the way these articles are written is 'just a little bit of' hype.  These skills and/or certifications aren't going to net you a 100k salary all on their own.  They need to be married with a resume that has several years of IT experience and related, well developed soft skills.