Monday, August 27, 2007

Oracle, Tibco, and tcpdump

I've started a new project recently that uses Tibco with an Oracle backend. It still amazes me the little nuances of domain knowledge that are so key to being a productive developer on some of these 'platforms'.
My issue today was a query I was trying to run using the jdbc 'component' in Tibco. It's pretty finicky about SQL syntax. I needed aliases for column names and it turned out the only way to get those to work is to use double quotes. Single quotes work if you want to hardcode what you're returning in your select statement. Double quotes (I was told) are effectively ignored by Oracle unless you're trying to alias a column. I'm starting this blog mainly so I can keep these little nuances documented somewhere - I hope it'll help me remember in the future.

I ran into a different configuration problem with Tibco last week which I had to use tcpdump to help me solve. I used the command something like this: tcpdump -nnXi eth0 -port 8080. This helped me realized that Tibco was responding to http GET and not http POST requests.

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