Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tools for working with SVN & Visual Studio

We're moving to Subversion as our code repo. Tools that we are using are:
- VisualSVN Server on the server box for maintaining the svn server (managing users, creating/importing new repos, etc)
- TortoiseSVN on client boxes. This works in conjunction with windows explorer to tell you the status of files in your local copy of the repo. We've found that the icons don't change status immediately - you need to be patient with them.
- Collabnet AnkhSVN - Subversion plug-in for visual studio. Allows you to see the status and check files in and out inside of VS.
- Collabnet SVN command line client. We found we needed this (particularly svn.exe in the PATH environment variable) if we wanted to run the SVN steps in a Visual Build file.

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