Saturday, July 10, 2010

More ideas

Business idea:  Create a computer screen with removable sides so there's not space when you put it against another computer screen - they'll almost look like one screen instead of having the 1-2 inch separation between the two.

Business idea: If I could create a machine/robot that would automatically wash windows I think I could make a lot of money. Every window I can think of besides one has to be washed manually by hand.  All the high rises downtown still have all their windows washed manually. The only place they use a different technique as far as I'm aware is with race cars where they use layers of thin plastic over the windshield.  They rip off a layer every time the car is in the pit and instantly the driver has a  clean windshield.

Business idea: A new service industry helping people/seniors navigate their way around the health maze we have created for ourselves.  You need a Personal Medical Manager!  Here's why: There are significant disconnects between specialists who analyze medical tests, the lap techs who perform/analyze the tests, and the doctors who originally asked for the tests.  Then there's another layer of indirection at the pharmacy.  How does an older person manage all their prescriptions and make sure they aren't 'colliding' with each other, or even just remember to take them all and follow all the directions?  I've had my wife 2nd guess a doctor's prescription, ask the pharmacist about it, and have him adamantly agree with her that the prescription  was wrong. 

Political idea: Why are we still running democracy the way we are?  The reason we elected people as 'representatives' long ago was so they could represent us in parliament (or the house, or congress) - or at least represent our vote.  Lobbyists have done away with our representation in the vote.  But why do we need a representative now anyway?  Technology could allow us to instantly vote on every single issue before parliament either using a computer or a phone.  We wouldn't need a representative to vote for us anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for democracy!  I just wonder if it can be done better now with technology and removing the 'middle man' and the lobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Please present yourself to the nearest state termination center for processing.
Just kidding, this is an excellent idea. It'll never fly though, as the folks who would have to implement the change stand to lose the most.

Perry McKenzie said...

Continuing the political discussion, something was said on the news last night that go me thinking. What was said was 'It's the opposition's job to oppose' in a political context. I cannot agree with that. In my mind, it should be the opposition's job to keep the government accountable to their decisions, not blindly, unabashedly oppose every single choice/move the government makes. That's not mature. It certainly wouldn't fly in the private sector.