Monday, August 23, 2010

Some good links (to blog articles) on Configuration Management

Here's some good links to blog articles on Configuration Management.  The first is about the importance of a CM person in a company.  I would tend to agree with one of the comments that talks about the size of the company making a difference.  Obviously a smaller startup doesn't need a dedicated CM person.  However, larger enterprises like the one I'm at now with numerous development environments, multiple servers, a GIS infrastructure, a document management infrastructure, and a beomoth of a mainframe legacy system needs a dedicated CM team.  Here's the link:

 The other link considers adding database automated deployment to you CM system.  I would highly recommend when I contrast my experience over the last two years with my previous release management experience.  Previously we automatically deployed database schema and data changes. In my more recent experience the DBA group has flatly declined any encouragement and offer to do this.  The difference in the amount of time to do database refreshes and debug issues with them is stark - like hours vs. days.  Here's the link:

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