Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two more business ideas

I've got two more business ideas.

1. I've seen and heard of several companies here in Calgary that have tried to outsource their software development to India and have failed for one reason or another. I think it would be interesting to offer one's services as a liaison between a local client and an overseas outsourcing company to help with communication, expectation setting, and overall project management. It seems to me like there could be a big opportunity there - reasonable and talented software development, and clients looking for cheaper ways to build and implement their software. A boutique firm that acted as a 3rd party to help manage issues related to challenges with outsourcing projects like this overseas would be interesting to try.

2. On a totally different vein, (this is going to sound a bit silly, but...) it bothers me when I throw away a perfectly piece of good seran-wrap/cling-wrap. I doubt this would be a big money maker, but putting together a little utility/tool that stores the clean sheet of cling-wrap for re-use was my idea. :-)

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