Monday, July 18, 2011

Dell Latitude Diagnostic Error Code 2000-0142 Hard Drive Failure

'Apparently' the hard drive on my laptop failed yesterday.  Out of the blue I got a couple of popup windows complaining about some dll not being able to load, and then the windows blue screen of death.  I thought maybe my machine got too hot, but I tried rebooting after letting it cool off and it didn't do anything after the Dell splash page during the boot.  So I ran a BIOS diagnostic and got the following error:
Msg: Error Code 2000-0142
Msg: Unit 1: Drive Self Test
Failed Status Byte=77
I called Dell and they basically confirmed what the diagnostic test said - my hard drive was fried.

Not wanting to give up on my hard drive that easily, I googled to see what I could do.  I discovered I could try to repair windows using the Windows Recovery Console.  So I found my Windows CD and booted from it and went to the Repair option.  Once I had entered the Admin password, I got a command prompt and after a bit of searching around I discovered that most of my hard drive seemed to be intact.  This, however, was still in the dos prompt of the Windows Recovery Console.  I couldn't back up my files to a USB from there.

I tried chkdsk, chkdsk /p, and chkdsk /r - those all worked successfully.  Yet my machine still wouldn't book.  So I preused the list of commands available to the Windows Recovery Console (here) and tried a few more - bootcfg, fixboot, and fixmbr.  In the end, it was fixmbr (which repairs the master boot record on the specified disk) that ended up working for me.

My laptop is 4 years old now.  I removed the battery a couple of months ago, and with problems like this starting to happen, I going to start shopping for a new one.  Hopefully this info helps someone out there though.


Your Brother said...

...or you could have given it to me, imaged it and retrieved all your data...or if was really bad I could have deep spared the drive and rebuilt the bad sector to let you get through the MBR so the partitions were recognizable.

BorisNikolovski said...

Same Error code!

6 month old Dell Inspiron N5030, Reinstall New clear Win 7. During installation no any problem. On first boot loading finished OS appear black screen with prompt in left upper corner. Truing all recovery, no help. HDD apparent in Bios and under Avast BART (can read write). No found any bad sector under HDD recovery tests. Running Many firmware diag. tests can't read model, firmware or serial (Unknown), can read only Capacity (250.05 GB). Some of them indicate Error. Machine stress test FAILD. Continue testing! Between glad to hear any idea! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have a vostro 1510, owned it for about 4 years now. One day I could not get past the windows XP loading screen, it would crash. Tryed in safe mode, same thing. Did a dell factory restore, it worked but upon going to my desktop my screen would tear and everything ran choppy. Did a dell diagnostic and got the same error you did.

Brandon Hudson said...

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Anonymous said...

bad sectors
I have same error.
I repaired with hdtaz software (hirens boot cd)