Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't assume anything

We are doing a big upgrade of our components in our upcoming release. The security structure of our organization is fairly complex with users, roles, user groups assigned to roles, boxes in the domain, boxes outside of the domain, and a whole other layer of users and roles at the database level. Managing security for this release has been a hassle. It seems in every environment there are differences with who is assigned to what group, which users and which groups have 'these' permissions on 'this' folder, etc.
Thinking we had most of the issues documented, automated and swept under the rug, we deployed into our staging environment. Surprise, surprise, there were permissions issues there. The really interesting thing was these turned out to be new issues. Well, we spend the good part of the day trying to see if we missed a permission on a folder somewhere. In the end, it turned out that our architecture group (who is responsible for the shared components code and the overall enterprise architecture) had some code for applying special permissions that was hard-coded to be applied against ONLY our staging and production environments.
I guess it goes to show, don't assume anything - no matter who is responsible for code or where the error seems to be, or how stable you think your configuration are.... We also discovered that that particular componenet had a different security setting for the COM+ in the Staging env compared to the Testing env.

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