Thursday, May 7, 2009

InfoGlue installation

I've been doing a lot of work with InfoGlue lately. I downloaded the new 2.9.6.X release and went to install it and got a 49.0 version error. It seems that the new version of InfoGlue doesn't run as good on Java 1.5 as it's documented to. It worked when I finally upgraded to 1.6. I also had issues getting it to work with MySql because my install of MySql was done with a production box in mind. It seems that the MySql configuration engine clamps down on security when you specify this, and as a result, I had to allow temporary access for root to all schematas, and then have to specify permissions for each user by schemata. While I'm very impressed and happy about this, it made for a little more grief than I was expecting in the installation process.
Also in the InfoGlue installation process, you do want to change the first username/password it asks you for to be the specific one that InfoGlue will use to call the DB with. Not realizing that, I had to go through all my web contexts and change the references to those properties.
Also, deleting a repo in InfoGlue using it's 'force' feature is not a great idea. Better to rename it instead. Sigh. I had to go through and insert data back into a couple of tables to get the repo working properly again.

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