Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More IIS automated deploys

Been working more with IIS automated deploys and found a couple of good posts in David Wang's Blog along with some other good blog posts.

This one is related to how to manipulate IIS list data. He provides a handy vbs script to do this that worked nicely for me in adding a new application mapping to IIS.

This one talks about IIS App pool crashes - fatal communication errors between the Application Pool and IIS.

This one talks about app pool recycling and IIS availability. There's some great conversations past David's article further down the page.

This one (not David Wang) shows how to change COM+ MSDTC settings programmatically. This script worked great for me as well.

This one (Ian Morrish) shows how to manipulate COM+ Security launch and activation permissions using DComPerm from the windows SDK.

With all of these scripts, I found I had to carefully read the directions and make sure I had the parameters that were being passed in correct. I was often passing in erroneous parameters on my first couple of tries.

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