Friday, August 14, 2009

XML manipulation in Visual Build (and vbscript)

We've been working on basically turning our Visual Build deployment files into DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) scripts. Essentially, everything required to get our applications running on a 'blank' server box is documented as a config, permission, or push in our Visual Build files. This has required updating then machine.config and web.config files that reside under windows/ or v2.0.50727/config at times. Sometimes we're adding attributes to existing element, sometimes we're adding entirely new elements.

It seems to me that adding entirely new elements in Visual Build (using the Write XML Action) has a bug in it. It will add new attributes to existing elements no problem. But it won't add new elements. So we hacked around that and used the 'Run Script' Action with vbscript to add elements to our files. To do this in vbscript it looks something like this:

Dim objXMLDoc, objNewNode, objText, strXPath, objParentNode, objChildNode, objCaseExist

Set objXMLDoc = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
objXMLDoc.async = False

' load the XML file - make sure to include the fully qualified path
fSuccess = objXMLDoc.load("\\%TARGET_SERVER%\c$\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\framework\v2.0.50727\config\web.config")
If Not fSuccess Then
wscript.echo ("error loading XML file")
wscript.echo ("XML file loaded")
End If

' set to proper node
Set nodeList = objXMLDoc.getElementsByTagName("configuration/system.web/compilation/buildProviders")
If nodeList.length > 0 Then

Set objParentNode = nodeList(0)

' add the SGAS SecurityDisabled element/node
Set objNewNode = objXMLDoc.createElement("add")
objNewNode.setAttribute "extension", ".uplx"
objNewNode.setAttribute "type", "System.Web.Compilation.PageBuildProvider"
objParentNode.appendChild objXMLDoc.createTextNode (vbCrLf)

set objNewNode = Nothing


wscript.echo ("node list empty")

end if

' save the XML file"\\%TARGET_SERVER%\c$\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\framework\v2.0.50727\config\web.config")

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